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Cavalry Hats
date posted: 08-13-2013

Cavalry Hats


Cavalry hats or Cavalry Stetson were traditionally used by the people in the US Army. Cavalry hats were typically used by cavalrymen during the late 1700s to 1800s and were used during the Civil wars, Indian wars, and during Mexican-American war. The hat has received the name from John B. Stetson. In a majority of cavalry squadrons,

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Menís Caps
date posted: 08-8-2013

Men’s caps


Men’s caps and hats are accessories that many men feel are too loud. But in reality they forget the fact that by simply adding on an appropriate men’s cap, they can give an additional appeal to their garments. No matter whether you are wearing formal or casual wear, if you put on a nice fitting cap along with it then you can easily flaunt your style and personality.

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date posted: 08-5-2013



Whether you look up the past or the present, hats have always played an important role both as ornamental attire and for practical purpose. Hats can be considered as the best tool to depict a person’s individuality and personality. We can judge a person's personal traits by having a look at his hat. Since classical style has reoccurred in the fashion industry, hats have become an important part of men's and women’s fashion accessory.



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Hat Store
date posted: 07-19-2013

Hat store

A hat store is a shop where you get the option to purchase different varieties and styles of hats for yourself or as a gift. There are many hat stores in the world which are famous for their longstanding quality and durability. You can look out for certain premium styles of hats at a store that stocks just hats. You may also visit specialized hat stores that specialize in selling designer collection of hats which you may not be able to source easily.

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Aussie Hats
date posted: 07-8-2013

Aussie Hats
They may look a little similar but Aussie hats are different from the popular American cowboy hat.
Most people do confuse the two as the same. Usually associated with the summer or harsh weather
conditions like rain, Aussie hats are instrumental in catering to various needs. The brim in the back and
front are turned down most of the time.

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Bowler Hats
date posted: 07-3-2013

Bowler Hats
If you want a round crowned felt hat then Bowler Hats are just the right choice to make. They are alternately also called Derby hats .
It was made in 1849 for British politician and soldier Edward Coke. It was mainly popular among the working class
of the Victorian era but the bowler hat is still remains an appealing item for many today.

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Gaucho Hats
date posted: 07-2-2013

Gaucho Hats
Gaucho is a term that is used to define the inhabitants of South American Patagonian grasslands, pampas or Gran Chaco.
Gaucho Hats are not detached from the history of the Gauchos thus. They were spread across Uruguay, Southern Brazil,
Argentina and Paraguay, Southern Chile, eastern and southern Bolivia. The term is often seen as equivalent to the South American

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Safari Outback Hats
date posted: 07-1-2013

Safari Outback Hats
If you are acting in a play or have a countryside theme party or want to just look jazz then safari outback hats
are meant just for you. Often referred to as the Australian version of the cowboy hat of the Wild West, these hats
are not made of leather or felt.

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Cavalry Hats
date posted: 06-28-2013

Cavalry Hats
Cavalry hats are usually worn by men and women in the army. They were sported during the late 1700s and
went on to be used during the 1800s as well. Wearing such hats is more of a tradition than a rule in the United States Army.
As of now cavalry hats are adopted as the unofficial headgear in the Air Cavalry.

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Gambler Hats
date posted: 06-22-2013

Gambler Hats
For people who want to look smart by wearing hats, gambler hats are a good choice indeed. They are classy, smart and
trendy as well. They are usually about 3 inches wide and the crown is about four inches high. The wide brim and the band on
gambler hats add to the finishing touch.

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Fedora Hats
date posted: 06-20-2013

Fedora Hats
Pinched in the front, creased down the crown, fedora hats look trendy for the sophisticated men of today. Such hats 
became increasingly popular between the 1920s and the 1950s. It was revived in the mid-1970s after the popularity 
died down a little. I you thought that fedora hats are out then think again. Indiana Jones popularized the hats further 
in the movies.

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Dress Hats
date posted: 06-19-2013

Dress Hats
Dress hats bring about the meeting of fashion and sophistication together. These hats are available for both men and women.
Dress hats came into being for both the genders for attending formal events and parties. Charity balls, evening parties and
other event saw the use of such hats. They go perfectly well with a suit or a pair of jeans. Mens dress hats in particular are quite popular.

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Black Hat
date posted: 06-18-2013

Black Hat
A black hat is a must have for almost everybody who is conscious about his or her look. No matter what age
group you belong to a black hat is a possession that everybody should have. They work great with a large
number of outfits and are widely used all over the globe.

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Old West Hats
date posted: 06-13-2013

Old West Hats
The American history is not detached from old west hats. These hats saw their beginning from the time of the cowboys
and so they signify that time period. One of the first old west hats was called Boss of the Plains. Other hats that were seen
during that time were hop-along hats, gus hats, cavalry hats and many other hats of course one of the most popular hats was the
cowboy hat.

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Outback Hats
date posted: 06-12-2013

Outback Hats
Whether it is an outing like a picnic with your family or just indulging in your favorite hobby of gardening,
outdoor hats are the right choice. The outback hat of down under and the American hat share a history that is
pretty much the same. Outback hats are smaller in design compared to the American cowboy hats.

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Safari Hats
date posted: 06-10-2013

Safari Hats
Often confused with an outback hat, safari hats are different and usually fall under the category of fedora hats.
The only slight difference between safari hats and fedora hats being that the former has a brim that is turned down.
As the name would suggest a safari hat was named after people started wearing a hat while going on safaris.
Usually a safari hat has either a tear drop crown or a center dent crown.

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Golf Caps
date posted: 06-7-2013

Golf Caps
If you love golf then you would be well aware of the existence of golf caps. The style came into the scene
as early as the 14th century. It was first noticed in Southern Italy as well as Northern England but also saw
its use among boys in the 19th century. Usually made of cotton, wool or tweed, golf caps are sometimes made
of linen and even leather.

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Skimmer Hats
date posted: 06-6-2013

Style: 115 The Boater StrawSkimmer Hats  
Adding to a mans formal wear would be one of these formal skimmer hats. They add to the look and are usually
used during the summers. Skimmer hats usually have solid or striped ribbons around the crown.  The hats are made
of stiff straw and have a stiff flat crown. Mostly worn by men a softer version can be seen nowadays for women.

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Panama Hats
date posted: 06-4-2013

Panama Hats
Lightweight and soft-colored, Panama hats are usually associated to summers. They are the apt headgear for
beating the heat while also looking stylish. Mostly used in tropical areas and around town,  most Panama hats are of
Ecuadorian origin and gained much popularity as early as in the 20th century. However it was first produced in
Ecuador during the 17th century. They gained prominence after their extensive use by miners in the California
Gold Rush.

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Boater Hats
date posted: 06-2-2013

Boater Hats
Boater hats that were extensively used during the summers, Boater hats became popular between the 19th and 20th
century. As the name suggests Boater hats were worn by people who went sailing or even boating. During the
per-war period a lot of people including the FBI agents were seen sporting the boater hat.

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